What clothes to wear in Tianjin at 20 degrees

"What should I wear around 20 degrees?" The temperature is about 20 degrees. It is recommended to wear a shirt bottoming plus a thin coat on the upper part of the body, jeans or casual pants on the lower part of the body plus casual shoes or boots. Temperature is a physical quantity that represents the degree of cold and hot of an object. In microcosm, it is the degree of intense thermal movement of the molecules of an object. Temperature can only be measured indirectly through some characteristics of the object that change with temperature

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"What to wear at 20 ℃ in Tianjin?" The weather at around 01 20 ℃ is actually cool in the morning. Everyone has different physiques, so they wear different clothes. Long T-shirt+thin coat recommended. If you are an office worker, you can wear a long sleeved shirt and a thin coat, or a straight suit.

"What to wear at 20 ℃?" At the temperature of about 20 ℃, the body feel is quite comfortable. There are many clothes to wear at this temperature, such as short coat, small suit, sweater, thin sweater and sweater. The pants can be jeans, small pencil pants and casual pants, and the shoes can be high-heeled shoes, canvas shoes and sports shoes. however...

In fact, it is cool in the morning when the weather is about 20 degrees centigrade. If you are an office worker, you can go out early and come back late. You can wear a long sleeved shirt with a thin coat or a straight suit. Because the weather is hot and cold, everyone has different constitution, so they wear different clothes.

Thin pants, jeans and casual pants are all good choices for wearing pants at 20 ℃. If you travel in tropical areas in summer, such as Sanya in Hainan, you are suggested to wear shorts. Because of the sultry climate, it will be more comfortable to wear shorts and hot pants. It is also good for girls to wear short skirts. The elderly and infirm should wear knitted long sleeved shirts, vests and trousers.

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"What clothes are suitable for going out at 20 degrees?" Generally, you can wear short sleeves, T-shirts, thin coats, etc. at about 20 degrees. The specific clothing needs to be determined according to their own system. Some people can wear short sleeves without fear of cold; Some people are afraid of the cold, so they can wear a thin coat. In the weather of more than 20 degrees, the temperature difference between morning and night may be large. If you are afraid of

"You can only wear a sweater when the temperature is about 20 degrees in Tianjin. You can wear a sweater when the temperature is about 12 degrees. You must wear a velvet sweater when the temperature is 12 degrees, and you must add a vest or a windbreaker. It's warm at 22 ℃. You can only wear a thin sweater to about 12 ℃. You must wear a thick sweater with velvet and a coat

Recommended: Long T-shirt+thin coat, short vest+thin coat, single sweater, if it is a rainy day of 20 degrees, it is cool, but it can be said that it is a little cold. Wearing more is also to prevent colds. Reminder: it is very uncomfortable to catch a cold and cough in summer.