Top ten domestic sportswear brands

361 ° 361 °

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It was founded in 2001. The products mainly include sports shoes, clothes, bags, hats, balls, socks, etc.

It was founded in 1989. The leading product is PEAK professional sports shoes and clothing.

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3: 361 ° 361 °

It was founded in 1990. The products mainly include sports and leisure footwear, clothing, equipment and accessories produced by its own Li Ning brand.

It was founded in 2003. The products include sports shoes, clothes and related accessories, children's wear, fashion and leisure, etc.

4: Special Xtep



Founded in 1994. The products include sports shoes and clothing of "Anta" brand.

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6: Saiqi SAIQI

"Top ten domestic sportswear brands" 1: Li Ning LI-NING

2: Anta ANTA

Li Ning


"China's top ten sports apparel brands" China's top ten sports brands: 1. Li Ning Li Ning Company was founded in 1990. After 20 years of exploration, it has gradually become a leading international sports brand company representing China. Li Ning Company adopts a multi brand business development strategy. In addition to its own core Li Ning brand (LI-NING), it also owns Lotto brand, AIGLE brand

"The reasons for the popularity of the top ten domestic clothing sports brands": foreign brands Nike and Adi have occupied more than 40% of the Chinese market for a long time, while domestic brands except Li Ning, Anta and Tebu have poor performance. The top ten domestic brands of clothing sports are: 1. Li Ning. 2. Noble Birds. 3. Peak. 4. Anta. 5. 361 degrees. 6. Haosha. 7...


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10: Derway

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8: Hongxingerke ERKE

9: Jordan


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Founded in 1992. The products are divided into three series: sportswear, sports shoes and sports accessories.

Founded in 1997. Products include Walter basketball shoes, Walter running shoes, Walter skates, and Walter casual shoes.

Founded in 2000. Products include Jordan brand sports shoes, sportswear and sports accessories.

Founded in 2000. The products include Hongxingerke brand clothing, shoes and accessories.

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Hongxingerke ERKE

It was founded in 1987. Products include sports shoes, clothing and accessories.

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Li Ning, Shuangxing, Hongxingerke, Jordan, Antarctica, Tebu, Anta, Aoyi&# 160 PEAK, VIPs&# 160;. "Ranking of Top Ten Sports Brands in China" Anta brand started in 1994. It has always been a popular brand of professional sports and is also another leader of domestic sports brands. In addition, Anta has been expanding its product line and launched children's sports products and fashionable shoes in 2008. 3. ERKE was founded in June 2000 and is headquartered in the International Garden City Building

Reebok, one of the top ten brands of sportswear, is mainly characterized by fashion. Its targeted customers are young people, women and mass consumers. Most of its sportswear is loose, relaxed, comfortable and trendy. 9. Jordan is a Jordan sports brand born in Jinjiang, Fujian, China in 2000. Jordan integrates brand sports shoes, sports and sports




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