How to dress

The long sleeved black and white striped knitwear with suspenders is very feminine, and the small heart shaped pattern is really cute. The combination of long inside and short outside can better reflect DIY.

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————The first kind of "how to look good in clothes", which is the most popular spring clothing this year, is the color of the clothes. The clothes I choose are all dark colors every year. Although they may show a little stuffy in summer, they can be very thin, especially black. The second is to choose loose clothes. When I was shopping, I tried tight clothes, and after wearing them, I looked

"How to wear clothes" should pay attention to the three principles of TPO. Of course, T refers to the time, so you should wear clothes according to the time. For example, the clothes you wear are different all the year round, and sometimes in the morning, middle and evening. P is the place, where to go, and where to wear different clothes. For example, at home, work, and travel, you should also adapt to these clothes. For O occasions, you should wear different clothes for different occasions, such as at home, going to a party, or going shopping. You should wear different clothes for different occasions. There is also the need to combine your hair style, skin, body shape and other convenience to wear, and there is also the need to consider your own economy and preferences.

"How to wear clothes?" 3. Choose tunics, pleated clothes, and slim tops and skirts. They have the effect of waist retraction, so there is no need to shape the waist line. 4. Body building clothes. Shaping clothes can shape your waist. Many obvious red carpets wear body shaping clothes, so can you. 5. Select a dark color. To look thinner at the waist

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"How to wear clothes with fashion and temperament" How to wear clothes with fashion and temperament 1 1. First of all, let's talk about the A-line skirt, which is not only thin but also very high! The blue embroidered nail beads are exquisite and high-end, and the white vest top is pure and simple, which is very suitable for holiday wear. The beige color is gentle and elegant, and the splicing tulle is added

The small heart shaped pattern is so cute

Show your personality according to your preferences. Butterflies are popular this year

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Butterflies are popular this year, but they can be expressed in other ways. Printing is a good way. Just like the dress of the little princess, it is full of childlike charm and sweet sunshine.

"How to look good in clothes?" Those with darker skin tones are suitable for some tan colors. Lighter and brighter clothes, such as light yellow, light pink, beige and other colors, make you look more personalized. Dark green, magenta, brown and golden yellow will make you look natural and elegant, which can set off the bright feeling of skin color. Those who are not suitable for dark clothes should not wear black clothes

"How to wear good clothes" (I) We often say that people wear clothes instead of clothes. However, there are still many girls who can not do this. It is quite common to blindly pursue the trend, blindly pursuing the style, regardless of whether it is suitable. If you want to look good in clothes, suitable clothes are the beginning. No matter how beautiful the clothes are, they will not be worn on you

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The short sleeved round neck blouse, paired with a long suspender skirt, feels like a doll's age dress. Anyone who says they can't continue to be cute when they are old can do it.

Short sleeved round neck blouse with long suspender skirt